Of Gardens and Guns

My reigning favorite magazine is Garden & Gun, particularly when I see the reaction I get when I say the title. People are so eager to be offended these days! It’s hilarious. I think that it must be fashionable to be offended by anything that could possibly be politically incorrect, and guns are certainly so. However, G&G is a glossy, beautiful, and engrossing read for anyone who lives in the South or wishes to live here. I do sometimes feel that I should have more money before being allowed to read it, since they talk about art and equestrian vacations and such, but at least I can know about such things. One knife-maker, for example, creates exquisite chef’s knives for $600 a pop, and I found out in the latest issue’s article on Pappy Van Winkle bourbon that it costs $45 – $60 a glass at a bar– when you’re lucky enough to find it.

If you like them on Facebook, you can see the results of their Good Dog photo contest (Awww!), and you even get playlists of recording artists they are featuring. Best of all, we found a recipe for what turned out to be our favorite fall cocktail last year, just in time for football season! It was so good I almost didn’t mind hand-grating the fresh ginger.

Their subtitle is “The Soul of the South,” and they are really on top of things. I read an interview with Kathryn Stockett a couple of years ago, before The Help became a huge hit or there was even a hint of a movie. I also found out recently that the wonderful Norah Jones (My husband calls her Snorah Jones) had a new album out before anyone else was talking about it. Then they posted several sample songs on Facebook. Plus, they have a few famous Southern authors with regular columns.

My husband loves the magazine as much as I do, and not just for the bourbon. There are hilarious and brilliant articles on frog hunting, great barbecue, and where to find the most beautiful etched guns. See, there really are guns. As for gardens, they had a large feature on Eudora Welty’s gardens a while back, and they also had an issue devoted to land conservation efforts in the South. The photographs are always stunning.

So, at the risk of sounding like Garden & Gun’s marketing department, you really need to get you some. It’s not expensive, and my only regret is that it only comes out six times per year. Or at least go on their website and look at all the sweet dog pictures.

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