I’ll Take Paul Ryan’s Playlist

As you know, I’ve been searching for new music for a while, and although I have found some, I had to applaud Paul Ryan’s account of the difference in his and Mitt Romney’s taste in music. He said that he hears Mitt’s music on hotel elevators, while his iPod goes from AC/DC to Zeppelin. Yes! But it is funny that the media hail this as evidence of the “younger generation.” Paul Ryan is 42, not 24, and Led Zeppelin was a huge hit before even I was old enough to listen to them. I guess politicians are so busy that they’re a decade or so behind in cultural happenings.

Speaking of Paul Ryan, I was disappointed when Romney chose him as his running mate. Although I knew he was really smart, I thought he was a nerdy little squirt with no personality, and there is already a personality vacuum on the ticket. However, since I saw a picture of Ryan in his workout shirt, I have become a devoted fan. (No, I will not post the picture for you, ladies. You will just have to Google it.)

Far on the other side of the musical galaxy, I recently ordered Hymns Ancient and Modern, by Passion, with an Passion: Hymns Ancient and ModernAmazon gift card that Michael gave me for my birthday. Passion seems to be an assembly of individual artists, rather than an actual group, which gave me an opportunity to hear several people I thought I didn’t know. Turns out that I have already heard most of these arrangements in our most excellent church, so they were very familiar. I originally found the CD while looking for the Matt Redman version of “Here Is Love, Vast as the Ocean,” which our church had sung that Sunday. When our worship leader did it, the song had an Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? flavor, but imagine my surprise when Matt Redman turned out to be a Brit! He sang, “Here is love, vahst as the ocean,” and I thought, “Oh, no! It’s ‘sing along with Downton Abbey!’” However, I still love the song and am growing very fond of the entire CD, which also features the David Crowder Band, Chris Tomlin (already a fave), Christy Nockels, and others. One interesting feature is that they recite “Phos Hilaron,” a hymn dating back almost to the time of Christ. Since we do not know the original tune, they have a big group of people, including children, reading out the words, followed by a musical adaptation by Chris Tomlin. Very affecting.

Until Paul Ryan posts his playlist on the internet, I guess I’ll go dig up some old tunes in the CD cabinet. Or, hey! I forgot that we got our turntable back. Maybe I’ll flip through those old vinyl LPs.

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