Things Are Starting to Happen!

ImageThe logjam of legislative inertia is beginning to creak and shift. Representative Pat McElraft, of Carteret and Jones counties, plans to introduce a bill into the North Carolina House of Representatives to legalize Charlotte’s Web in North Carolina.* On WRAL’s 6:00 News tonight, Rep. McElraft participated in an emotional segment that followed up on the station’s report on Dravet Syndrome a couple of weeks ago. You can view the video here. Ms. McElraft plans to call the bill “Hope for Hayley,” after a little girl in her district who has Dravet Syndrome.

Many residents of NC have been working tirelessly to find someone in the legislature to take the lead on helping Dravet Syndrome children, but it has been difficult. Although several members were sympathetic, no one has stepped forward publicly until Representative McElraft. If you feel moved to thank and encourage her, as I did, please drop her a line at

Bruce Mildwurf, of WRAL, also deserves a great deal of credit for his excellent reporting, which I’m sure moved many people to action on this critical issue.

As the news report states, now is the time to write or call your own representative and senator to let them know that you support the “Hope for Hayley” bill. Even if you have written to them before, now that the bill is named, you can be more specific in your request. You can find out who your legislators are and how to contact them here. It is so easy to write a few lines to let them know that their constituents care about these suffering children.


*If you are new to this conversation about Dravet Syndrome and Charlotte’s Web, please read three previous posts on this blog, beginning with January 17, then February 15, and February 24.

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