Two Hundredth Blog Post!

200 redWordPress has informed me that this will be my 200th blog post, and since I have also just had a birthday, it seems to be a good time to take stock, ponder, and set goals.

Fifty-seven of my last one hundred posts were book reviews, and another eleven were book-related. On the one hand, that is great, because it means that I am keeping up to date with my reading professionally and personally. It also helps me to think that I’m giving my readers good information so that they can find some great books that will suit their tastes and needs. On the other hand, I established this blog so that I could write more, and while book reviews force me to keep putting black squiggly marks on the screen, they are a very narrow form of writing.

2014-08-08 15.10.10Furthermore—and this is earth-shattering—I would like to read less. I do not review everything I read, particularly picture books and books that are just dreadful, so there is a lot more reading going on than is expressed online. This year, I do not plan to keep up with Newbery and Printz reading, and I hope to read more practical nonfiction and fewer novels, whether adult or children’s. 2014-08-08 15.11.04Of course, I will still read the children’s and teen books that rise to the top or are just favorites for me, but I don’t plan to read as many books, youth or adult, because I “should.” Here on the right is the stack of books that I decided to return to the library today.

On the other hand, here on the left are the three stacks that I decided to keep. I think the trick is to read the thick books first, so that the stacks look smaller. Stay tuned to see what actually happens with this resolution.

Charlotte with her plant

Eight of my posts this past year concerned the fight for the legalization of cannabidiol for the children who have intractable epilepsy. The blog posts were just the visible part of dozens of emails and phone calls to state legislators and their staff members, and I hope they motivated you to do the same. By the grace of God, we were able to see that legislation successfully passed, but now we are finding out that legalization does not necessarily translate into availability. I will probably have more to say on this topic in October. Please keep praying for these children.

My other posts this year have been wide-ranging conversations about my favorite music, movies, recipes, my trip to New York, and the view from the South. I’m still working on defeating diabetes through diet and exercise, and I hope to write a lot about that this year. If I don’t, it will be a dead giveaway that I’m not doing as well as I should. We’re all getting older, as my birthday reminded me, but the fun never stops. I am committed to learning and growing every day, and I hope to let my readers in on my latest interests. Part of the fun of working in a large library system is watching all the new books arrive on every conceivable subject. Someone out there is always thinking up something entirely new and fascinating, and other people are writing about something you’ve always cared about, but they say it in such a way that you want to yell, “Yes! That’s what I meant!” I cannot understand boredom. There is so much to explore!Blog reach 8-14

As you can see, I am still waiting for a reader from Greenland. Africa and South America filled in a good bit this year, and I’ve given up on China, of course; however, there must be some people who speak English in Greenland, right? One reader! That’s all it takes!

gamcock-logoAnd just in case you’re keeping track, I am still committed to joining my husband in his love of football. Maybe I’ll add another team this year, and maybe I’ll keep the tailgating part to a healthy level. In the meantime, I am looking forward to the very first South Carolina Gamecocks game on August 28th! Mark your calendars!





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2 responses to “Two Hundredth Blog Post!

  1. I’ve actually set a goal to read more books which people consider Newbery contenders. Though I must admit, I don’t plan on reading the whole book unless it really interests me. But I’m giving each one at least 25 pages. As for picture books, I read every one you purchase! And probably always will.

  2. Congrats on the milestone, Cheryl! I appreciated your thoughtful analysis. And several family members and friends were the recipients of books I bought directly as a result of your reviews – in fact, this morning I boxed up a copy of Mr. Wuffles that is going to an adult friend! Best wishes on the dietary challenges – and may your book piles be always replenished with good stuff.

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