There Might Be Lobsters, by Carolyn Crimi

There Might Be LobstersSukie was a timid, little dog with an exuberant girl named Eleanor and a small, stuffed monkey named Chunka Munka. Although Eleanor encouraged her and even carried her down to the edge of the ocean, Sukie just could not summon up the nerve to go into the water, because



“Sukie was just a small dog,

and those waves were big,

and they were whooshy,

and they were salty, and they were too wet…

and, besides, there might be lobsters.”

So, Eleanor ran out to play in the waves while Sukie and Chunka Munka sat on the too-sandy beach and watched. Suddenly, disaster struck, and Chunka Munka was washed out to sea, and even though she was a little dog, Sukie courageously rushed to save her, heedless of the danger, because Chunka Munka was even smaller than she was.

Laurel Molk’s watercolor illustrations capture this serious pup on a brilliant summer’s day, with all of the people and activities a child would encounter on the beach. Eleanor, brown-skinned with a fluffy, brown pony tail, is always encouraging, but never pushy. There are no grown-ups with them, but Eleanor has wonderful parenting skills of her own.

This sweet and funny picture book is a delightful summer read for any preschooler, and it might even convince your apprehensive little one to take the plunge. Highly recommended.

Disclaimer: I read a library copy of this book. Opinions expressed are solely my own and may not reflect those of my employer or anyone else.


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