This is a blog that is all about books. Since I am a collection development librarian, a former homeschooling mom and teacher, and a lifelong avid reader, I’ve read thousands of titles on a wide range of topics. Why keep all of that to myself?

Besides the best new books for adults, you will find many children’s book reviews here, usually the most recent titles available from baby to teen. These are the books that I’m reading for the career that I love. Of course, that means that I also have an interest in education and culture, so you will see reviews of titles on these topics, both new and classic. I am a Christian, so there will be discussions of works on faith and the examination of life in the light of grace. I am also a diabetic and a foodie at the same time (It’s possible!), and there are so many new books for people like me! There are no limits here, and so the latest fiction novels and trending nonfiction topics will arrive in abundance. Who knows what will be the latest thing tomorrow? Let’s dig in!

I am a wife of over 40 years and the new grandma of twins. My husband, David, is newly retired, and my son, Michael, and his sweet wife live about an hour away. We live in rural North Carolina, very close to Raleigh, where I work. Since I’ve lived in five states, I’m not a “real” Southerner, as my husband and son are, but I’ve been in the south for over 50 years, so I claim to be southern, even if southerners won’t claim me back. Our home is very peaceful, with gardens, trees, birds, and our beloved Cavachon, Boudica. I have a lot to say about all kinds of things other than books, so please visit my blog TheReaderWrites.com to hear what I’m writing about today!


Cheryl Teal


Disclaimer: Everything that I write in this blog is my own opinion, and does not represent the views of my employer, my church, or anyone else. I hope that you will be entertained, informed, and edified by this blog, but it does not serve any other purpose. Thank you for reading.

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