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Season’s Bleatings

ImageNot to rain on the holiday parade, but this is the worst season to be broke. Since David hasn’t had a closing for a few months, there’s been no (sugar-free) eggnog and nothing to spike it with. I could skip the eggnog, if necessary, but the spiking material would be nice. All of our finances are going toward keeping our bills paid, but we are not exactly experiencing success. However, this will all be over soon, since there are two closings scheduled in the next ten days, and I’m going to believe that they will really take place. In the meantime, I am missing so many excellent movies! Gravity, Hobbit 2, Hunger Games 2, and Saving Mr. Banks, just to name a few. I think that I will ask for half-a-dozen date nights for Christmas, all at White Oak Cinemas. Or maybe the Imax Theater, for some of them.


Daft Punk

Thanksgiving was interesting. My 28-year-old son drove us to South Carolina to be with my mom, and of course, I was stuck in the back seat. I could make some feminist remark about women being stuck in the back seat, unable to control anything about the trip, particularly the music, but the truth is just that I have the shortest legs. Both of the guys are over six feet tall, so they get the front seats. Therefore, Michael ruled in the music selection, and unfortunately, he is a big electronic music fan. At first, Daft Punk seemed charming and innocuous, and when I got tired of that, he switched to Bassnectar, which is just like Daft Punk, only with more bass, and then deadmau5, ditto with piano. The thing about progressive/ electronic music is that although it is inoffensive, it is the same forever. You start off thinking, “This is nice and relaxing,” and then you don’t notice the exact moment that your brain liquefies and pours out the back of your head. You just know that, at some point, you really want to scream, but you can’t remember how. When I finally gathered my wits enough to complain, Michael said, “Oh, yeah? How about this, then?” and put on Lacuna Coil, an Italian goth metal band. It was so refreshing. David and I both really liked it, which, I suspect, was not the anticipated response. David was actually getting into some head-banging up there in the passenger seat.

The morning after we returned, David and I were watching a news program, and I suddenly had to text Michael at work: “Guess what they used as bumper music? Daft Punk. Oy! I can’t escape.” Of course, he responded, “Bwahaha!”

ImageA few days later, I was again in my morning spot, watching a breakfast show, as the Brits say, and I thought I saw something dark move out of the corner of my eye. Just as I announced this to David, who was in the kitchen doing coffee-related things, the little intruder popped out from behind the bookcase again. I shrieked and jumped up, said no to breakfast, and wouldn’t come downstairs for the rest of the day. David set a couple of traps, and we caught him by the next morning. I apologize to those of you who might find that offensive, but when they’re in my house, the only good mouse is a deadmau5.

Even as I type this, David is under the house, sealing up the hole so that none of this rodent’s relatives need to die a violent death. Unfortunately, he is doing this instead of setting up the Christmas tree, and it’s getting late in the day. We are having a hard time rustling up the Christmas spirit, since we are all in shorts and t-shirts, wilting with humidity. Fortunately, the weather forecast calls for plummeting temperatures, so it will be frosty by morning. A year or so ago, I read a gardening book in which the author said that no one ever pulled on a sweater in September and rejoiced that fall had arrived. I quickly flipped to the author bio in the back and saw that— aha!— the author lived in Canada. First of all, let me say that no one in North Carolina ever pulled on a sweater in September, period. However, when we do pull on sweaters in, say, October, we do indeed sigh, “Oh, thank the good Lord. Summer’s over.” Except this year, it’s not, apparently.

ImageHo! Ho! Ho! Hope you all have a wonderful season, filled with family, great music, fabulous movies, and not a single mouse.




Dog reindeer photo via http://www.ohhopscotch.com/2012/11/gomez-grumpy-reindeer.html. This blogger also does paleo, so check it out.

Helmet mouse photo courtesy of http://foundwalls.com/animals-helmets-mouse-trap-mice/. It seems to be associated with Triangle Pest Control, in which case I think they’re going about this all wrong.


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