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Teal Tracking 3: 45 Pounds Down!

ImageWell, I have fought for each and every pound the past few weeks, but I will say that I am closing the gap! This time, I’ve lost 22 pounds, and David has lost 23. It has been tough! I hit a patch where the scale would not move no matter what, and then I lost two pounds in two days. Whew!

One hopeful development is that I believe that walking on the treadmill has become a habit. I may not think, “Oh, boy! I get to walk on the treadmill now!,” but I do go directly to my sock drawer after dinner and put on socks and walking shoes. Around the end of the second lap, I always think that I’ll make this a short walk, but by the end of the fourth lap, I’m trying to see if I can beat my last speed and incline. I usually end up walking for 35-40 minutes, up to 3 miles per hour (don’t laugh), and an incline of 6%. For me, that’s excellent.

We are taking a break from careful eating just for today, since it’s our 33rd anniversary, and we’re headed to Carrabba’s for dinner. Have you had the mussels? Yum! I took the day off from work, but David started his new position in property management today, so I’m home painting my toenails lavender for spring. I’m an optimist; it’s supposed to be a frosty weekend.

Since I think I’ve exhausted Robert Lustig’s major YouTube videos, my colleague and I are now on to Robert O. Young’s pH Miracle. We read Scott Brick’s testimony on Thursday. It appears that this popular audiobook narrator had thyroid cancer and went to Dr. Young’s treatment center, since having thyroid surgery would destroy his career. If you’ve heard him, you’ll appreciate what a tragedy that would be. He’s been following the pH (alkaline) diet, and the tumors are actually shrinking. There is a Robert Young book about pH and diabetes, so I had to send for it on interlibrary loan. I can’t imagine what this could be, and picture myself swallowing baking soda. Anyhow, I will let you know.

Since I’ve taken a few days off for some intensive reading, you’ll soon be seeing several more book reviews in this space. Hopefully, I’ll love everything I read!

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